Mối liên hệ giữa thu nhập của các nhà quản lý và giá cả trên các thị trường tài chính – GS. Jaksa Cvitanic

Compensation of Managers and Price Formation

On Friday, April 29, 2016, Caltech celebrated the launch of Break Through: The Caltech Campaign—an ambitious fundraising initiative that will help secure the Institute’s future. The celebration began with a symposium for the entire campus and JPL community: faculty, students, staff, alumni, family, and friends. A faculty member from each of Caltech’s six academic divisions explored briefly a seminal question and its potential to change the world. Following the symposium, all were invited to an outdoor festival marking the launch of the campaign.

Economist Jaksa Cvitanic presented “Compensation of Managers and Price Formation.” The way portfolio managers are compensated influences their actions on the job and, in turn, the way prices are formed in financial markets. In the talk, Cvitanic, who is Caltech’s Richard N. Merkin Professor of Mathematical Finance, highlights research that combines economic theory, mathematical models, and experiments to study those interactions.


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