Học thống kê/kinh tế lượng trên Youtube


(Nguồn: http://flavioazevedo.com)


Youtube channel Content Software Online Materials? Remarks
Mike Marin [Intro] Basic Stats in R R Yes, good materials University British Columbia
Michael Butler [Intro] to R and Stats, Modern R Yes Good intro to R + Exercises
EZLearn [Intro] Basic Stats in R R Exercises w/ solutions
Renegade Thinking: Courtney Brown [Intro] Undergraduate Stats R Yes Good Lectures
Barton Poulson [Intro] Classical Stats, Programming & Solved Exercises R, Python, SPSS Yes Gives intro to Python, R, SPSS and launching an OLP
Ed Boone [Intro] Basic R and SAS R & SAS Yes
Lynda.com [Intro] Basics of R and Descriptives R Yes OLP
Bryan Craven [Intro] Basic Stats in R R No
Laura Suttle (Revolution) [Intro] R tour for Beginners R No
Phil Chan [Intro] Classical and Bio-stats R, SPSS, Eviews No
Gordon Anthony Davis [Intro] R Programming Tutorial R No Thorough intro for beginners
David Langer [Intro] Basics of R R No Excellent pedagogical Skills
MrClean1796 [Intro] Math, Physics and Statistics, lecture & R R No
Brian Caffo Advanced & Bio-Stats, Reproducible Research R Yes, CourseraandGitHub Professor of Bio-statistics, Johns Hopkins Univ.
James Scott Advanced Stats R Yes, and GitHub Several Course Materials on GitHub
Derek Kane Machine Learning R Yes Excellent Videos, Fourier Analysis, Time series Forecasting
DataCamp Programming, DataViz, R Markdown [free] R Yes, paid. 9$ for students
Maria Nattestad DataViz R Personal Website Plotting in R for Biologists
Christoph Scherber Mixed, GLM, GLS, Contrasts R Yes
Librarian Womack Time Series, DataViz, BigData R Yes, Course and .R Materials online
Jarad Niemi R Workflow, Bayesian, Statistical Inference R Yes
Justin Esarey Bayesian, Categorical and Longitudinal Data, Machine Learning R Yes, lots and lots Political Scientist
Jeromy Anglim Research Methods R Blog:Psych & Stats,GitHub + Rmeetups and Notes on Gelman, Carlin, Stern, and Rubin
Erin Buchanan Under- & post-graduate Stats, SEM R, G*Power, Excel Yes Excellent pedagogical strategies
Richard McElreath From Basic to Advanced Bayesian Stats R and Stan Yes, lots Book lectures
edureka Data Science R, Hadoop, Python Yes, online learning plattaform R Intro w/ Hadoop [free]
Learn R R programming, stats on webiste R, Python Yes, andOne R Tip A Day On website, lots of starter’s code
Data School Machine Learning, Data Manipulation (dplyr) Python, R Yes, dplyr
Econometrics Academy Statistics (via Econometrics) R, STATA, SPSS Yes OLP, Excellent Materials and Resources
Jalayer Academy Basic Stats + Machine Learning R, Excel No Also Lectures
Michael Levy Authoring from R, Markdown, Shiny R No
Melvin L. Machine Learning, R Programming, PCA, DataViz R, Python, Gephi No Interesting Intro for Spark
OpenIntroOrg Intro to Stats/R plus Inference, Linear Models, Bayesian R Yes,CourseraandOpenIntro Coursera Courses, Resources in SAS


Youtube channel Content Software Online Materials? Remarks
Jonathan Tuke Basic Stats Matlab No
Saiful Yusoff PLS, Intro to MaxQDA SmartPLS, MaxQDA Yes BYU
James Gaskin SEM, PLS, Cluster SPSS, AMOS, SmartPLS Yes BYU
Quantitative Specialists Basic Stats SPSS No Upbeat videos
RStatsInstitute Basic Stats SPSS No Instructor at Udemy
how2stats Basic Stats, lecture and software demonstrations SPSS Yes Complete Classical Stats
BrunelASK Basic Stats SPSS
The Doctoral Journey Basic Stats SPSS Yes
StatisticsLectures Basic Stats, lecture format SPSS Yes discontinued, but thorough basic stats
Andy Field Classical Stats, lecture and software demonstrations SPSS Yes, registration needed Used heavely in Social Sciences
Quinnipiac University:Biostatistics Classical Stats SPSS No
The RMUoHP Biostatistics Basic and Bio-Stats SPSS, Excel No
PUB708 Team Classical Statistics SPSS, MiniTab No
Professor Ami Gates Classical Stats SPSS, Excel, StatCrunch Yes
H. Michael Crowson Intro and Basic Stats in several Softare SPSS, STATA, AMOS, LISREAL Yes?
Math Guy Zero Classical Stats + SEM SPSS, Excel, PLS No Lots of materials
BayesianNetworks Bayesian Statistics, SEM, Causality BayesianLab Yes
Khan Academy Programming 101 Python Yes
Mike’s SAS Short intro to SAS, SPSS SAS, SPSS No
Christian A. Wandeler Basic Stats PSPP No


Youtube channel Content Software Online Materials? Remarks
Stomp On Step 1 [Intro] Bio-Stats, Basic Lectures Yes USMLE
Khan Academy [Intro] Basic Stats, lecture format Lectures Yes
Joseph Nystrom [Intro] Basic Stats Lectures Yes Active & unorthodox teaching
Statistics Learning Centre [Intro] Basic Stats Lectures Yes Register to access materials
Brandon Foltz [Intro] Basic Stats Lectures soon Excellent visuals
David Waldo [Intro] Probability Theory Lectures No
Andrew Jahn [Intro] Basic Stats Lectures No FSL, AFNI and SPM [Neuro-immaging]
Professor Leonard [Intro] Stats and Maths Lectures No Excellent pedagogical skills
ProfessorSerna [Intro] Basic Stats Lectures No
Victor Lavrenko Machine Learning, Probabilistic, Cluster, PCA, Mixture Models Lectures Yes, very complete Excellent Content, and lots of it
Jeremy Balka’s Statistics Graduate-level Classical Stats, Lecture Lectures Yes, very thorough Excellent altogether, p-value vid great!
Methods Manchester Uni Discussion on a wide variety of methods, SEM Lectures Yes Methods Fair
Steve Grambow Series on Inference Lectures Yes Great Lectures on Inference [DUKE]
Statistics Corner: Terry Shaneyfelt Statistical Inference Lectures Yes from a clinical perspective
Michel van Biezen Complete Course of Stats Lectures Yes, 1, 2, 3 Thorough and complete, plus Physics and Maths
Oxford Education Bayesian statistics: a comprehensive course Lectures Yes
Nando de Freitas Machine Learning Lectures Yes, alsohere and here
Alex Smola Machine Learning Lectures Yes, slides and code
Abu (Abulhair) Saparov Machine Learning Lectures Yes Taught by Tom Mitchell and Maria-Florina Balcan
Geoff Gordon Machine Learning, Optimization Lectures Yes
MIT OpenCourseWare Probability Theory,Stochastic Processes Lectures Yes, here,and here
Alexander Ihler Machine Learning Lectures Yes, along w/ many others classes
Royal Statistical Society Important Statistical issues Lectures Yes Interesting topics
Ben Lambert Graduate and Advanced Stats Lectures No Asymptotic Behaviour of Estimators, SEM, EFA
DeepLearning TV Machine (and Deep) Learning Lectures No Excellent pedagogical skills
Mathematical Monk Machine Learning, and Probability Theory Lectures No


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