Trường hè Toán tài chính tại ĐH Kinh tế-Luật Tp HCM: 13 -17/08/2012



Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, 13 – 17/08/2012

Thời gian và Địa điểm: Trường hè sẽ diễn ra từ thứ hai, 13/08/2012  đến thứ sáu 17/08/2012 tại  Trường Đại học Kinh tế – Luật và Trung tâm JVN.

Lệ phí tham dự: 1.500.000 đ/ 1 người (Bao gồm 5 buổi ăn trưa buffet, 9 bữa ăn nhẹ giữa giờ, phí in ấn tài liệu, phí vận chuyển Sài gòn – Thủ đức, không bao gồm phí tham quan và tiệc liên hoan cuối khóa học)

Ngôn ngữ sử dụng trong suốt khóa học: Tiếng Anh.

Chương trình học:

  • LUCIANO CAMPI:  Pricing and hedging in energy markets (6h)

Summary:  In these lectures we will survey the main modeling approaches to electricity prices. In particular we will focus on how to model those features that differentiate energy markets from usual stock markets, e.g. non-storability and spikes. Moreover, we will treat in details a joint model for prices of electricity and fuels used in the production process. In this model, we will study no-arbitrage relations among fuels and electricity, the pricing and hedging of the more liquid options traded in energy markets, e.g. futures, options on spread and options on futures.

  • MATHIEU ROSENBAUM:  Optimal High Frequency Trading (6h)

Summary: The availability of ultra high frequency data together with a finer understanding of microstructure phenomena have opened new directions in quantitative finance.

In particular, the high frequency trading has emerged as a will to optimize transactions in this new context. Its recent development has been made possible thanks to the design of original methods in mathematical finance and statistics, which are today used by an increasing number of banks or hedge funds.
The goal of this course is to explain both the optimal trading strategies and the associated statistical procedures.
  • XUAN HUYEN PHAM:  Stochastic control in finance (15 hours)

Summary: The aim of these lectures is to present an introduction to  stochastic control, a classsical topic in applied mathematics, which has known important developments over the last years inspired especially by problems in mathematical finance. We give an overview of the main methods and results in this area.

We first present the standard approach by dynamic programming equation and verification, and point out the limits of this method. We then move on to the viscosity solutions approach: it requires more theory and technique, but  provides the general  mathematical tool for dealing with stochastic control in a Markovian context. The last lecture is devoted to an introduction to the theory of Backward stochastic differential equations (BSDEs), which has emerged as a major research topic with significant contributions in relation with  stochastic  control beyond the Markovian framework. The various methods presented in these lectures will be illustrated by several applications arising in conomics and finance.


Buổi Thứ hai13/08 Thứ ba14/08 Thứ tư15/08 Thứ năm16/08 Thứ sáu17/08
Sáng8h30-11h30 HuyenPham HuyenPham HuyenPham HuyenPham HuyenPham
Chiều13h30-16h30 LucianoCampi LucianoCampi Tự do MathieuRosenbaum MathieuRosenbaum


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